Italian language for foreigners tests and courses

B1 as admission pre-requisite

Candidates holding a foreign Bachelor’s degree must prove Italian proficiency at level B1 in order to be admitted to the Master’s degree. Those who have a language certificate among the ones accepted by the University of Milan have to submit it through the online admission procedure. To be considered valid, the certificate must have been issued in the last three years and the level attained must be equal to or higher than B1 under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Those who do not have a language certificate must sit an entry test, which is organised by SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre.

Students are exempt from the Italian entry-level test if:
• they submit a language certificate, at level B1 or higher, through the online admission procedure,
• they obtained level B1 or higher in a SLAM test during a bachelor’s degree programme attended at our University. Only levels obtained in the last four years are considered valid, based on the language assessment date appearing on the student’s academic records.

Mandatory 3 ECTS

To obtain the degree, students without an Italian degree or diploma are required to attain an Italian language proficiency at level B2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This level can be assessed by the end of the degree course in the following ways:

  • by submitting the language certificate achieved no more than three years prior to the submission, at level B2 or higher, recognised by the University. The language certificate must be uploaded through the service InformaStudenti by choosing the ‘language test’ category;
  • by an entry-level test, organised by SLAM, which can be taken at the beginning of the first semester and which can be taken only once.

Students who fail to reach level B2 will have to attend one or more than one 60-hour Italian language course organised by SLAM and to pass the end-of-course test in order to earn 3 credits for Additonal Language Skills: Italian.

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